Difficult Personalities – is it them or is it you?

Difficult Personalities, we experience them every day. Do you have those people in your life that just push your buttons? They’re difficult to deal with but wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to make it better? The answer is inside this blog.

Difficult personalities; we all have “those people” in our lives. The ones who just push your buttons, and the thought of having to deal with them puts your hackles up because it’s always confrontational and it never goes well.

Have you ever stopped to consider “that person” feels the same way about you? (It’s not an easy question to ask, we know.)

We all have aspects of our personality that make other people crazy. It’s because they work and think differently than we do. If you can come to understand the way they work and think, and adapt to that, then you can have a much better conversation because you understand what they need from it.

We love the Emergenetics profiles because it helps you understand the way people work inside and out (thinking and behaviors). And, it’s all backed by science.

Part of the profile includes four different Thinking Attributes people have:

Analytical – people who are problem solvers and require logic and objectivity.

Structural – people who love planning and details, and need very clear processes.

Social –  people who are empathetic and have a very relational and highly personalized approach.

Conceptual – people who are big picture thinkers, have tons of ideas and are highly inventive.

As you can imagine, someone who is highly conceptual and needs the freedom to be creative to be their best, will be completely stifled by a highly structural person who must have processes in place and who requires a lot of detail in order to excel. And vice versa.

Similarly, the analytical person who is all about logic and who just wants to solve the problem in front of them is frustrated by the social person’s need to connect first. And the social person feels slighted because the analytical person is so abrupt.

These are just two examples of how personalities can clash, especially when you don’t understand what’s going on.

So when you ask, is it them or is it you? It’s both.

But when you have better tools to understand where the other person is coming from, you get far better results in all your relationships.

Emergenetics goes far beyond just the personality types and helps you to improve communication, collaboration, your work culture and your outcomes. Let us set up a profile for you and your team! Just click here to get started.

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