Caring for your team during the holidays

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Caring for your team can take many forms. And there is no better time than the holidays to strengthen your company culture. It can be a stressful time for some as well. 

As a leader you might be looking for ways to show appreciation for your team. Gifts and bonuses are nice but there are lots of other ways you can show your team you care and appreciate what each team member brings to the team as well! 

In this blog we’ll be sharing some ways you can keep team morale and productivity high during the holiday season and some great ways to show your team you care. 

How do you show your team you care? 

During the season of giving, leaders need to offer their team encouragement, compassion, and guidance that will allow them to thrive. Heartfelt gratitude and caring is pivotal when you are working to create an outstanding company culture. 

According to the author of the book, The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture, one of the best gifts that can be offered to employees is building a company culture that is so great they can’t imagine themselves going anywhere else. 

person writing a personal noteScrap the basic holiday cards

Instead of sharing the same card with every single person on your team, write a heartfelt, personalized message.  A successful leader will  make sure the contributions of their team are appreciated. Give meaningful credit where it is due. A simple but heartfelt thank you can go a long way. Write specifics of how they contribute to the team and why you value them. 

Provide positive year-end feedback

Let your team members start the holiday on the right foot. Give your team members a review that focuses on their accomplishments and what they’re doing right. Asking them to share any ideas they might have for improvements in the new year will also go a long way.

Keep this meeting encouraging with the aim to uplift them. By offering this positive feedback they will want to work their hardest and do their best. When everyone gets back after the break, you’ll notice improvements. 

Caring for your team could be as simple as giving them some grace 

The holidays are a busy time of year. If last minute appointments or engagements come up,  consider letting them tend to their needs and allow them to leave early or come in late. These actions will build loyalty and trust. They will make a lasting impression. 

Encourage a hybrid work environment during this time too. Offering the option of working remotely gives them the flexibility to run errands and get things done in their personal life. Hybrid work environments are increasing in popularity as the world begins to open up. 

Make the holidays easier on your team

Doing small things to take some of the pressure off means more to your team than you may realize.

Provide the holiday schedule in advance for the team to make their plans but keep the schedule flexible. Allowing people to leave early, work remotely, or close the office a few days in advance before the holiday break will be appreciated. 

These small acts show your team you don’t just view them as robots programmed to constantly work but as actual human beings with lives outside of the organization. Make an effort to understand what is happening in their life and what they value. Making an effort shows your team you care about them and their well-being. 

Caring for your team might include a fun holiday party

Workplace celebrations are meant to be fun! They give your team a chance to socialize, relax, and have a good time. It’s a way to say thank you to your team so make sure it is special! Spending a ton of money isn’t required to have a nice party but be sure to plan something meaningful and think about what your team might enjoy. Have a planning meeting to figure out what type of celebration your employees are interested in. Would they be interested in something simple like a potluck? Or are they wanting to go all out for an elegant evening? Whatever is decided, make sure it is thoughtfully planned and fun for all. 

Stress can run high during these months. Leaders can take a few steps to ensure they are helping their employees get through them. 

Think of the following tips as a brainstorm. There are endless ideas to come up with in order to help employees control, manage and eliminate holiday stress. Every idea will be appreciated by your team. 

Don’t add stress to your employees

The holidays can be stressful for a variety of reasons so try not to increase that stress-load. Offer flexibility when it comes to deadlines and overtime hours. It will be appreciated by your team. Even simple events such as a gift exchange or potluck can add unnecessary stress. Be sure to communicate with your team and figure out if it is something they’re interested in before implementing it. 

Care for team by providing flexible schedules and floating holidays

Offer flexible schedules for your team to take time when they need it in preparation for their holiday celebrations. Most organizations only offer paid holidays for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. With all the diversity in the workplace, consider offering floating holidays so people can honour their religious and cultural traditions with paid time off. A few examples include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more. 

Give a gift from the company

Provide every employee with a gift from the organization. The gift could be an item with your company logo, a meal, or gift cards. The possibilities are endless. Survey a few employees and get their opinions on what they think would be a nice gift. 

Give bonuses or raises to those who have shown exceptional growth, sportsmanship, or improved performance. Something to try might be giving bonuses early so employees can use it for gift shopping.

Don’t squash the holiday spirit this season! Your team will give their best and all when they feel appreciated and supported. Take advantage of the season and remember to enjoy it! Sprinkle some holiday cheer and joy into your company. It will pay off for you and your team! 

What are you doing to ensure a smooth holiday season for your team this year? Leave us a comment. 

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