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Awareness + Collaboration = Team Excellence

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Team Collaboration is the New Team Building

The greatest skill a collaborative team can possess is awareness. Improved awareness drives understanding, confidence, attitudes, accountability and vulnerability; essential elements to collaborative teamwork.

This Training Series guarantees your people will know themselves better and be able to relate to others. They will be more engaged, innovative, able to solve problems and manage today’s changing workplace. They will build a strong team…cause that just makes sense!

” The learnings, reflections and tools have made our group more connected, inspired and effective.”

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Our Collaborative Team Training Series is designed to uniquely combine Awareness with Collaboration to drive Team Excellence. This Series is for teams looking for value and lasting results. AND it qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant! 

We offer three phases to ensure teams achieve excellence – and stay there! Each phase takes a deep dive into our team excellence equation and uncovers how awareness and collaboration are the main ingredients to increase productivity and business growth.

Phase 1


  • Teamwork FUNdamentals

  • Science of Self-Awareness

  • Science of Team Awareness

  • Teamwork to New Heights

Phase 2


  • Collaborative Teams

  • Crafting Team Norms

  • Teamwork FUNdamentals II

  • Power of Collaboration Series (Choose 2)

Phase 3

Team Excellence

  • Power of Collaboration Series

    Provides the ongoing building blocks required to ensure your team continues their success long-term.

Canada Alberta Job Grant

Receive Funding to Build a Collaborative Team

The CAJG is an employer-driven program that helps businesses like yours invest in training for current and future employees. Through this program, you have the opportunity to receive funding for two-thirds of the program cost, to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee/fiscal year.

Our Collaborative Team Training Series
qualifies for the CAJG.


Phase 1:

Phase 1 focuses on building individual and team awareness by giving employees the tools and information to understand themselves and how to leverage their strengths in the workplace.  

Our four-part series focuses on understanding how your team currently performs, how team members think and behave, the cognitive diversity of your team, and how to engage this learning to connect and perform better together.

Why this module?

Learn what it means to be a team and explore how YOUR team behaves through interactive problem-solving activities. This important foundational session begins the process of getting to know yourself, connecting with each other, and understanding the link between individual behaviours and overall team performance.

What you get:

  • Fun & engaging shared experiences
  • Chance for team members to connect and build relationships
  • Recognize the teams current strengths and areas for improvement
  • Identify individual goals & action items

How we do it:

This session is a unique blend of foundational team training, with on-your-feet team building initiatives where team members are tasked to overcome challenges through working together. Engaging discussion and reflection helps team members understand what happened during activities, why did that happen, and how can their learning be applied?

Questions we explore:

  • What are teams? How do they behave? How do you build a team?
  • What are important team characteristics? How do these look in your team right now?
  • How do you show up in this team? What are you doing well and how can you improve?

Why this module?

Research shows the most successful professionals are those with a deep understanding of themselves; what are their inherent strengths, why do they think and behave the way they do, and how do they zero in on the important aspects of their unique personalities?

What you get:

  • Understand the science behind how you think & behave
  • Clarity around your natural strengths & how to leverage them
  • Insight into the perception of others and how to improve your relationships
  • Identify your 1% Commitment; what will you do to improve your overall performance?

How we do it:

This workshop-style session introduces the science-based assessment Emergenetics. Each participant receives their unique profile, as well as access to a cutting-edge digital platform. This assessment becomes a key component to your overall collaborative team training experience.

Questions we explore:

  • What is Emergenetics and how will we use it to enhance our awareness & performance?
  • What are my strengths? How do others perceive me?
  • Why are some tasks or people easy to deal with and others more challenging?

Why this module?

Building on your improved self awareness, this session helps team members understand the similarities and differences in how they think & behave. With this  awareness, team members can adapt their behavior to be more effective with others. Through honoring and respecting their diversity, teams will develop strong & trusting relationships.

What you get:

  • Deepen your awareness & understanding of your personal strengths
  • Explore how your profiles interact with those of your team members
  • Understand the dynamics of your team; strengths, vulnerabilities, and potential biases
  • Introduction to cognitive diversity as the key to creative & productive teams

How we do it:

This workshop-style session focuses on applying the Emergenetics knowledge to the team’s day to day performance. The customized Tip-Sheet is introduced, providing specific insight into communication & leadership strategies.

Questions we explore:

  • How do I communicate well with different members of my team?
  • What is the key to creative & productive teams?
  • How do I successfully use the Emergenetics tool in my workday?

Why this module?

Experience teamwork in action and the success which comes when team members are truly engaged. This is your team’s opportunity to implement everything they have learned. Participants will experience commitment, accountability, and vulnerability; all vital in a high performing team.

What you get:

  • Strong & trusting relationships as a result of a challenging shared experience.
  • Dramatic increase in both self & team awareness.
  • Practical understanding of how to apply the Emergenetics lessons every day.
  • Clarity around individual commitments, in order to improve overall team success.

How we do it:

This off-site Retreat takes place at Red Lodge Ropes Course, an hour north of Calgary. It includes ground activities, a high ropes experience and lunch. Rest assured, we ensure everyone on your team is able to participate in this program, whether or not they choose to climb the high ropes.

Questions We Explore:

  • What are the biggest lessons you have taken from our previous sessions?
  • How did increased focus and engagement today impact your team’s overall success?
  • How do you behave in this team? What could you do to better?

Phase 2:

Phase 2 focuses on the elements that drive a truly collaborative team; a team that not only works together but thinks together! 

Our five-part series is designed to mirror workplace scenarios; drawing on situations, conversations, and skills applicable to your team’s themes and barriers. This phase builds on the awareness gained in phase 1 and challenges teams to turn knowledge into action and improved behaviors into habits.

Team members will experience firsthand the power of a collaborative team, which leverages cognitive diversity to a company’s advantage. It also encourages team members to appreciate their teammates and their innate strengths while identifying ways to utilize each other’s strengths to improve performance

A  recent study on team performance, by Google, found that effective Team Norms had the biggest impact on the team’s long-term success. 

In this session, teams develop mutually agreed operating norms that will set expectations, guide daily behaviors and shape the desired team culture. Teams explore accountability and how to hold each other to a higher standard. 

This session takes a deeper look at the fundamentals of great teamwork. It includes fun & interactive problem-solving initiatives that focus on collaboration, communication, leadership, and strategic thinking.

Participants will explore their current team dynamics and how they approach tasks, work through problems, and react to challenges. Team members will reflect on how their day to day performance can improve.

Select two programs from our Series that best suit the needs of your team:

  • Listening
  • Building Trust
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Respecting Differences
  • Managing Change
  • Teamwork in Action
  • Strategy & Performance

Phase 3:

Phase 3 is our Team Excellence Toolkit, providing the ongoing building blocks required to ensure your team continues their success long-term. Join our community and receive valuable tips, industry connections, events, and access to additional training solutions to support your team’s journey to excellence.

Technology is disrupting the workplace.
We are disrupting teams.

Group of people in office throw paper airplanes

Technology has disrupted the way teams work together, making team building, as we know it, no longer relevant in today’s workplace. Teams need to come together, not by combining individual efforts, but by working collectively as equals.

Team Collaboration has replaced Team Building. Collaborative teams statistically are more engaged and achieve greater success for businesses. Collaborators have to trust & respect each other and
engage in negotiations toward a final product. Collaboration itself
plays to an individual’s strengths and ultimately, to greater team performance and output.


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