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Immersive Learning.

It is proven people remember what they experience better than what they read or hear. Experiential learning statistically improves learning retention. Immersive activities expose people to observation and interaction and develop a heightened awareness by being present.

In a safe and fun environment, participants have the ability to dramatically improve their own self-awareness, develop strong relationships with team members, and leave with a toolkit full of skills to better collaborate and positively influence their team’s success.

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High ropes course - Red Lodge Ropes Course
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“The training helped us get to the core of our team challenges in an experiential & active way. The process works!”

J Bokitch – Owner, Hedkandi Salons


For over 10 years, we have been empowering Alberta’s workforce to push their boundaries. Our team building initiatives offer an array of discovery opportunities to unlock your team’s true potential. By making them fun and relatable, team members gain insight and valuable awareness that transcends into the workplace.

We recognize training comes in many forms, but when you learn by doing, individuals use more critical thinking and problem-solving skills. And they can apply it to work! Our experiential training programs mirror workplace scenarios, drawing on content applicable to the themes and barriers of your team. We involve the whole team, where they can actively engage in their own development and awareness. 

Check out our two program streams to see which one best suits the needs of your team!

Team Building

  • Teamwork FUNdamentals

  • Teamwork Experience

  • Teamwork to New Heights

Team Bonding

  • Teamwork Olympics

  • Teamwork on the Ropes

  • Fun on the Ropes

Team Building

Team Building Programs are for teams looking to have fun AND to leave as a better team. These value-focused programs include custom activity selection, expert facilitation, participant reflection, and real-life takeaways.

  • Programs are custom-designed for your team’s unique needs, with an aim to achieve a specific goal or outcome.
  • Expert facilitation ensures participant learnings are directly transferable into the workplace.
  • Includes participant objectives and takeaway commitments, designed to improve workplace behavior & performance. 

Teamwork FUNdamentals

This half-day program takes place at a venue of your choice. 

Learn what it means to be a team and explore how YOUR team behaves through interactive problem-solving activities. This program begins the process of getting to know yourself, connecting with each other, and understanding the link between individual behaviors and overall team performance.

How we do it:

This session is a unique blend of foundational team training, with on-your-feet team-building initiatives where team members are tasked to overcome challenges through working together. Engaging discussion and reflection helps team members understand what happened during activities, why did that happen, and how can their learning be applied?

This half-day program takes place at our privately owned facility, Red Lodge Ropes Course.

The benefits of taking your team out of their day to day environment are significant; it promotes creativity, minimizes distractions and encourages relaxation, to name a few. 

Similar to our Teamwork FUNdamentals program, your team will experience teamwork in action, while exploring what it means to be a great team and understanding how their individual behaviors impact the team’s success.  

How we do it:

This program is designed using our ground-initiatives and low ropes only; no high ropes are included. Team members are encouraged to work together to overcome fun & engaging challenges.

This full-day program takes place at our privately owned facility, Red Lodge Ropes Course.

Experience teamwork in action and the success which comes when team members are truly engaged. Participants will experience commitment, accountability, and vulnerability; all vital in a high performing team. Your team will leave this session better able to tackle their day to day challenges, both as individuals and as a team.

How we do it:

This program incorporates all components of our ropes course; ground-initiatives and team high ropes. The high ropes component uses our dynamically-belayed team elements, where all participants are involved in supporting climbers. Everyone is able to participate in some way, whether or not they choose to climb. 

Team Bonding

Team Bonding Programs are ideal if your team is looking for a recreational, fun and social activity.

  • Designed for teams looking to simply have a good time getting to know one another outside the day to day environment.
  • Not focused towards a specific end goal, although it may follow a specific schedule.
  • Does not include program design, facilitation or debrief

Ranging from a few hours to a half-day, this program can take place at a venue of your choice or at our privately owned facility, Red Lodge Ropes Course. If at our facility, this experience does not include any high ropes.

Teamwork Olympics focuses on fun and social interaction. Teams challenge themselves to work together, as effectively as possible, in an effort to earn points. This friendly competition promotes participant interaction, enhances relationships and builds team morale.

This half-day program takes place at our privately owned facility, Red Lodge Ropes Course and uses our static high ropes; the top tier of our course. There are various ways team members can participate, to accommodate all levels of comfort with heights. 

Teamwork on the Ropes encourages participants to overcome high rope obstacles while working together to complete a team challenge. Problem-solving, planning and effective communication are all highlighted during this activity.

This 3-hour experience takes place at our privately owned facility, Red Lodge Ropes Course, and is an exciting alternative to paintball or white water rafting. Taking place on the highest tier of our high ropes course, this option includes ground school, course supervision, and all climbing gear.

Focusing purely on doing the high ropes for the fun of it, this activity offers a thrilling adrenaline boost and is designed to develop individual self-confidence, resilience and expands individual comfort zones. 

Receive Funding to Improve your Team's Awareness

Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)

Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)

The CAJG is an employer-driven program that helps businesses like yours invest in training for current and future employees. Through this program, you have the opportunity to receive funding for two-thirds of the program cost.

Find out which of our programs qualify for the grant.


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