All-Inclusive series

Custom Organizational Health Journey

You bring the vision.
We bring the expertise.
Your team delivers the results.

Our interactive customized training programs provide purpose-driven executives and teams with opportunities to build cohesion, get clarity, communicate, and design human methodologies that provide you with a competitive advantage.

NexLevel's pragmatic and relevant ‘All-Inclusive Series’ is structured into monthly, bite-size learning experiences allowing leaders to minimize politics and confusion, build high morale and high productivity, retain top performers and accomplish great things.

This is not the one-and-done approach you're familiar with. Leveraging the brain science behind successful organizational change, this solution has the ability to profoundly influence the success of your business

You have important work to do - we can help!

Outcomes of an All-Inclusive Series

Your Leadership Team will:

  • Assess, and make immediate progress, in overcoming any potential dysfunction that exists in their team.
  • Explore the diversity of their working styles and leverage their strengths to raise effectiveness.
  • Clarify the organization’s direction and ensure alignment exists along the team. 
  • Address the effectiveness of team meetings & discuss the critical importance of effective internal communication.
  • Identify necessary changes to create alignment throughout the organization. 

Your Team Members will:

  • Understand the expectations and challenges in building and maintaining a cohesive team.
  • Deepen their self-awareness, proven by research to be a key indicator of professional success.
  • Develop trust and improve psychological safety, creating an environment where team members expose vulnerabilities.
  • Learn about the Intent-Impact Gap and how to make rationale decisions, improve collaboration, and enhance communication.
  • Identify expected behaviours that generate buy-in, drive action and impact long-term change in team success.

This Series can be conducted virtually or in-person.

Are Training Budgets Tight?

This Series qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), which will fund 2/3rd's of the program investment.
Don’t let tight budgets stop you from meeting the needs of your leaders, teams & employees.