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Awareness Insights. Guaranteed.

Say goodbye to personality tests – we use neuroscience instead. 

Self-awareness starts in the mind and is reflected in your personality. By first understanding how you think & behave, you are better able to build strong relationships, communicate effectively and make sound decisions. 

We believe in strength-based assessments. We don’t believe in judging or labeling individuals. We use an industry-leading psychometric tool, built on research, data, and neuroscience.

” Emergenetics is the most accurate profile we have ever completed;
the self-analysis is insightful and gives us a better approach to deal collaboratively and openly with others “

Pharmacy Operations Team
Calgary CO-OP


Research shows the most successful professionals are those with a deep understanding of themselves; what are their inherent strengths, why do they think and behave the way they do, and how do they zero in on the important aspects of their unique personalities?

Our Strength Assessment is delivered through our Science of Self Awareness workshop; a road map to engaging your personal strengths. 

Check out what program option below best suits your needs.  

Science of Self Awareness for TEAMS

Science of Self Awareness for TEAMS

Are you a leader or team member of an intact team?
This workshop is for you!

In this session, teams will:

  • Begin to develop stronger relationships, based on understanding their similarities & differences.
  • Learn how to overcome barriers to effective communication. 
  • Uncover their unique combination of strengths & how to work together collaboratively. 

Who should attend:

  • High-performance teams looking to improve their collaboration & communication. 
  • New or expanding teams who have not had a chance to get to know each other.
  • Teams with communication challenges or with diverse personalities.
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Science of Self Awareness for INDIVIDUALS

Science of Self Awareness for INDIVIDUALS

Are you a professional looking to develop your own self awareness? This course is for you!

In this session, be prepared to:

  • Discover your unique combination of strengths.
  • Understand the core differences between you and others.
  • Learn ways to communicate more effectively.

Who should attend:

  • Professionals looking to communicate better at work & at home.
  • Leaders looking to develop a strong & collaborative team.
  • HR Specialists looking for a science-based tool that resonates with people & drives results.
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Receive Funding to Improve your Self Awareness

Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)

Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)

The CAJG is an employer-driven program that helps businesses like yours invest in training for current and future employees. Through this program, you have the opportunity to receive funding for two-thirds of the program cost.

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