Team and Leadership

simple approach. astounding results.

We understand the challenges of todays's businesses; burnout, overwhelm, turnover, politics, low morale, change fatigue, and more.
The last thing you need is just another workshop with big promises.

You need real solutions that remove barriers, align with your vision, and make behaviour change easy. NexLevel's Suite of tools, assessments & frameworks are custom-designed to do just that.

Our Suite of Tools & Workshops

All sessions can be conducted in-person, around the globe, or in an interactive virtual environment.
Workshops can be customized from a few hours to full day. 
Explore the reality of your organization's effectiveness through a simple survey of your leadership team. Using this data, your team will set tangible goals and outline a roadmap to organizational success.

Roadmap to
Organizational Health

Based on Patrick Lencioni's best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this Assessment is the definitive tool for leaders looking to overcome dysfunction and build cohesive & effective teams.

The Five Dysfunctions
of a Team

Working Genius is an innovative productivity tool that helps people understand where they fit in a team, how they can add the most value, and the secret to fulfillment & satisfaction at work.

The Six Types of
Working Genius

Emergenetics helps employees and teams discover their individual & collective strengths. This science-based tool provides the blueprint to greater self-awareness, communication, problem solving, and productive workplaces.


Frustrated by the lack of clarity, alignment, and momentum in your meetings? Meetings are far more important than most leaders realize. Learn how to create a meeting structure that allows your team to be focused, efficient, and effective, giving your Executive Team a competitive advantage.

The Meeting Advantage

A study on team performance, by Google, found that effective Team Norms had the single biggest impact on a team’s long-term success. In this workshop, teams will develop operating norms to guide their daily behaviours, generate buy-in, drive action, and influence change.

Crafting Team Norms

Explore a revolutionary framework for teams to emerge stronger into the new world of work. In this workshop, your team will discover who should be on the bus, who should sit in which seat, and how to get the bus moving. Never has teamwork been contextualized in such a practical and transformative way.

Teamwork Trifecta

Give your leadership team the opportunity to rapidly align in today’s transitional environment. Themes include building trust, developing clarity around key priorities, and running great meetings. Insights and interactions are designed to help your team reset, recalibrate, and refocus.

Team Reset

When it comes to building a cohesive team, , team members must be able to engage in constructive ideological conflict. However, this is easier said than done. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to build a culture of healthy conflict, in pursuit of the best possible solution for the team and organization.

Mastering Healthy Conflict

Why are some managers more successful at engaging employees than others? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with salaries, benefits, or work-life balance. Learn the three most important factors in employee engagement and begin creating a healthier organization today.

Employee Engagement

Learn a powerful framework and easy-to-use tool for identifying, hiring, and developing ideal team players. This session is useful for: leaders striving to create a culture of teamwork, employees wanting to be invaluable team members, and HR professionals looking to hire team players.

Developing (+ Recruiting)
Ideal Team Players