team & leadership training

Awareness is Essential

Despite 95% of people thinking
they understand themselves,
studies show only 10-15% of people actually do!
True self-awareness is rare.

Only when we truly understand ourselves, can we begin to appreciate those around us. Armed with this insight, team members are able to develop vulnerability-based trust with team members and apply the principles of great teamwork.

NexLevel team workshops provide the blueprint team members are looking for to explain why they do what they do and how they can achieve their best. As always, we guarantee interactive, relevant, and fun experiences that leave participants wanting to learn more!

Team Workshop Outcomes:

Emergenetics will help participants:
  • Understand how you and others prefer to communicate, solve problems, and work together.
  • Discover how you can adapt your style to work more effectively with others.
  • Learn how to build the perfect team that optimizes innovation, efficiency & productivity.
Working Genius will help participants:
  • Understand their natural gifts when it comes to work; gifts that give them energy and bring job fulfillment & satisfaction. 
  • Learn about their limitations; natural areas that drain their energy and frustrate their ability to contribute to work.
  • Identify their gifts and limitations so they can maximize their satisfaction and success in any kind of work they do.

Team workshops can be conducted virtually or in-person.