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3 Easy Steps to Engage Your Employees
without Overburdening Leaders

We'll cover how to decrease employee frustration and increase motivation.
It's not as hard as you might think!

  • How are you contributing to job misery for your employees?
  • How do you know if your team members are satisfied?  How can you make big improvements with an already full schedule?  
  • Access the 10-minute training and worksheet below.

3 Ways to Conquer Communication Barriers
Leadership Communication Audit

We’ll cover how to unlock your communication potential.

Are you frustrated with breakdowns in communication on your team?
  • The important conversations aren’t happening
  • Personality differences are causing misunderstandings and confusion
  • Team members aren’t reaching out and collaborating with others

This Leadership Audit will identify key areas where you can make quick adjustments to improve your communication and cultivate a team environment that drives trust, innovation, and productivity.

We'll explore:
  • How you might be contributing to communication breakdowns
  • How to you know which barriers are causing the greatest issues
  • How to maximize your impact with the limited time you have available

Conflict Handbook
A Leader's Guide for Those Hard Conversations Without
Being the Bad Guy

Simple worksheet to help individuals recognize their default conflict resolution strategies and understand how these patterns influence their interactions with others in the workplace.

By identifying their predominant conflict styles, participants can reflect on their strengths and areas for growth in managing conflicts effectively.

We'll cover:
  • The five key conflict styles
  • How to identify predominant conflict styles within a team
  • How to reflect on strengths and areas for growth in managing conflicts effectively

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