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We believe in the power of awareness in the workplace.

We are awareness ambassadors who are on a mission to disrupt the team building industry by bringing awareness to teams. We specialize in creating and delivering long lasting solutions that enhance team performance and fuel business growth.  We have extensive experience working with individuals and teams at all levels within organizations and work with a range of clients at any stage of growth.

We are not your typical team building solution – we drive long lasting results that start at the water cooler and end with more dollars in your pocket.


At our core, we connect people and bring teams together in a way that disrupts the day-to-day habits in the workplace. This connection strengthens awareness and team performance.

Humans are wired to connect with others. Connection allows people to be happy, healthy and creative.

Nurturing connection with our clients and each other is important to us.

Fun is simply a concept that has the ability to take your level of awareness and understanding of others to the NexLevel. It is a powerful element for teams that often gets overlooked.

As children, learning always revolves around play and it’s no coincidence that kids are creative, great problem solvers and get along!

Amazing things happen when you stop to laugh.

Internally we strive for excellence. Externally, we believe in helping businesses create a culture of excellence built upon a foundation of awareness.

Excellence means doing your best, being your best and helping others be their best.

Imagine your business success when everyone on your team is always striving for excellence!

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” Great content, excellent facilitators, engaging
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Reinventing the world of team building

We are people strategists with a brain hard-wired to see people through their strengths. We are experts in all things team – training, development, bonding, building and facilitation.

Our team of professionals have devoted their lives to understanding people and how to maximize collaboration, connection and communication in the forever changing landscape. It is through our expertise we are able to take you and your team into a deeper dive of awareness and understanding.

Troy Fredeen
Troy FredeenCOO
With over 10 years’ experience in banking, auditing and management, Troy understands the unique challenges faced by teams in the corporate world. With a passion for detail and with technical expertise, Troy manages all aspects of company operations. Troy holds his Certification in Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and is professionally certified as a Challenge Course Practitioner.
Tara-Lee Goerlitz
Tara-Lee GoerlitzCEO
Tara-Lee believes in people and her 20 years of business experience has helped many people improve their relationships, teams improve their performance and businesses improve their bottom line. Tara-Lee is a Certified Advanced Emergenetics Associate, experienced experiential facilitator and Bachelor of Commerce Graduate. She is a member of the Women’s Executive Network and is a mentor with U of C’s Haskayne Mentorship Program.
Beth Fredeen
Beth FredeenCFO
Beth founded NexLevel over 10 years ago to help people live to their full potential. Her more than 40 years experience in finance, operations and management, provides a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced every day in the workplace. She has dealt personally with the politics, inter-personal challenges, and barriers to clear communication and loves seeing leaders & their teams learning to be more self-aware, collaborating & achieving team excellence.


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