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About Our Services

Solutions Designed with Results in Mind

Our solutions bring an intentional strategy and rock-solid execution plan to ensure your team relentlessly pursues excellence through common goals, shared leadership, and effective communication.

Solutions are individualized to each team’s specific situation and are always results-driven, practical and fun - a truly rewarding experience!

Consulting & Training

Our consulting approach is the perfect combination of relevant insight and business application with quick results!

1. Leadership Offsite

The perfect starting point for an executive team looking to begin their organizational health journey.

Experience a highly interactive, fast-paced session to help leadership teams assess their organization's overall health, build team cohesiveness, and maximize their competitive advantage.

2. Custom Organizational Health Series

Fully leveraging the competitive advantage of organizational health requires ongoing commitment from leaders to support their teams.

Experience the least disruptive investment with the greatest rewards. Our team will design and lead a unique process that will help you build a stronger team and improve your overall organizational health.

NexLevel Fan Favorites

Tara-Lee’s team development workshops strengthened our team’s personal relationships and ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively...
Rachel H – Strategy Specialist,
Connect First
Team building should impact how team’s work together and Tara-Lee’s deep understanding provides a powerful experience that makes a difference...
Leah F – Owner,
All Thrive
NexLevel has shown us team development can be so much more than your usual boring training session; they get to know your team before you start...
Jaclyn R – COO,
CSS Office Solutions

Do You Need Help with Funding?

Our Organizational Health Series qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)! Don’t let a lack of funding stop you from investing in organizational health. The CAJG can fund two-thirds of NexLevel’s Organizational Health Solutions.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

"Great content, excellent facilitators, engaging team building done right"
Learning & Development Team,
Alberta Blue Cross
“This shared experience broke down barriers in our team, while building confidence & trust.”
Leadership Team,
Wawanesa Calgary
"We got to the core of our team challenges in an experiential & active way. The process works!"
J Bokitch – Owner
Hedkandi Salons

Team Building

Our approach to team building is the perfect combination of play, strategic design, expert facilitation, and accelerated results.

Somewhere along the way, team building became cheesy and ineffective. We are here to challenge the status quo and provide truly

meaningful team experiences.

1. Playshops

Research indicates we learn best when at play. Play stimulates our imagination, helping us adapt and solve problems better and quicker.

NexLevel Playshops are the perfect starting point for a team looking to laugh, build relationships, and learn how to be more effective.

Experience a highly interactive session where your team will work together to solve a problem that requires cooperation, communication, and problem-solving.

2. Retreats

Escape from technology and build a stronger team. Whether your team has worked together for years or haven’t met face to face, an offsite experience allows employees to develop lasting relationships.

Experience teamwork in action; customized to meet your team’s objectives and expert facilitation to ensure these objectives are met.

Team retreats are about connecting, learning, bonding and meaningful playing. They offer a transformative experience that will make your employees feel valued and return to the office with renewed positivity and energy.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

In-person or Virtual
2 - 4 hours

The fundamentals of great teamwork are simple to understand and challenging to apply. We can help make it easy!

In this playshop, explore the basic fundamentals of a team and using problem-solving initiatives, explore how your team aligns with them.

This session helps team members begin to understand themselves, connect with each other, and understand the impact each individual has on a team’s success.


  • Fun & engaging shared team experience
  • Improved relationships & communication between team members
  • Recognition of team strengths and opportunities for improvement

How we do it:

This session is a blend of foundational team training, with experiential initiatives where team members are tasked to overcome challenges through working together.

Facilitated reflection helps team members understand what happened, why, and how learning be applied.

Virtual only
90 minutes

Join your team virtually and work together to uncover hidden clues and solve puzzles to unlock a series of padlocks before the time runs out!


  • Maximize participant engagement
  • Valuable morale boost
  • Inspire employees to be better team members

How we do it:

Participants will join a Zoom session, remotely. NexLevel’s introduction sets the stage with the objectives, rules, and strategy. Participants are sorted into smaller teams and moved into breakout rooms. Teams access the Padlocks and the Hunt begins!

Once teams are reunited, participants will enjoy a facilitated debrief to explore their experience and lessons learned. Have fun while learning about communication, collaboration, and out-of-the-box problem-solving.

In-person only
Half or Full day

Teamwork to New Heights is an accelerated team experience that guarantees your team will leave better than when they arrived! This offsite, shared team experience will deepen self awareness and team discovery.

Taking place at NexLevel’s facility, the Red Lodge Ropes Course, these customized team-based challenges and high ropes are designed to help teams accomplish more together.

NexLevel offers team members the opportunity to step outside of their ordinary comfort zones in order to reveal individual tendencies, demand effective teamwork, and create environments that foster growth and celebration.

Learning through doing is the most effective way to transform behaviour and this all-in team experience will do just that!


  • Deepened self insight, awareness & growth
  • Effective & meaningful team bonding
  • Improved communication, problem solving and alignment around shared goals

How we do it:

Our highly-trained facilitators will guide your team through a series of low and high-adventure experiences to accomplish key objectives.

Every individual is unique and joins us with varying levels of physical & mental readiness – we strive to meet people where they are at and provide options so everyone can participate in our programs safely, physically & psychologically.

Our commitment to you is that each team member will be able to participate in a way that meets their strength, skill, and comfort level.

Case Study

Alberta Blue Cross

Learn how NexLevel turned the Alberta Blue Cross into a cohesive and dynamic team.

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