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About Our team training SOLUTIONS

Intentional strategy, combined with rock-solid execution, solves problems with awareness, creativity, and leveraging diversity.

Not only will you access more time in your day, but you will master accountability, clear communication, and effective meetings.

When leaders and teams are organizationally healthy, they have greater impact and tap into all the intelligence and expertise available within their people.

NexLevel solutions are fast, effective, and practical. And always grounded in our values, Fun - Connection - Excellence, to create a truly rewarding experience!

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Expert facilitation of the NexLevel team helped us understand how our actions, communication and strategies during the activities mirrored our day to day lives”
HR Director
STEP Energy Services
“Our afternoon with NexLevel did more in encouraging team consensus and engaging creative thinking than a year
of in-house workshops"
C Shurink
Precision Alignment & Brake
“Our day of team building was interactive, encompassing, challenging, rewarding; excellent facilitation drew parallels directly to the workplace”
Construction Leaders
NOVA Chemicals

NexLevel Fan Favorites

Tara-Lee’s team development workshops strengthened our team’s personal relationships and ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively...
Rachel H – Strategy Specialist,
Connect First
Team building should impact how team’s work together and Tara-Lee’s deep understanding provides a powerful experience that makes a difference...
Leah F – Owner,
All Thrive
NexLevel has shown us team development can be so much more than your usual boring training session; they get to know your team before you start...
Jaclyn R – COO,
CSS Office Solutions

a team training Solution to meet your needs

Leadership Consulting & Coaching

There has never been a more important time to invest in the health of your business.
As we face a post-pandemic business environment, executive teams must ensure they are cohesive, aligned & performing at their best.

Practical, Relevant & Fast

Our Leadership Consulting Solutions are focused on achieving quick results with limited resources. You have important work to do and we are here to help you do more, with less.

Your tailored Organizational Health Journey will minimize politics and confusion, build high morale and high productivity, retain top talent and accomplish great things.

Proven frameworks, reputable tools and assessments, and expert programming drives ambitious, and sustainable, results.

Are Training Budgets Tight?

This Organizational Health Series qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), which will fund 2/3rd's of the program investment. Don’t let tight budgets stop you from supporting the needs of your leaders, teams & employees.

Team & Leadership Training

There has never been a more important time to invest in the success of your leaders & employees.
In today's new world of work, all teams must ensure they are operating at their best.

Innovative, Credible & Science-Based

NexLevel's interactive workshops provide purpose-driven leaders and teams with opportunities to develop trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.

Developed around highly reputable tools, assessments, and frameworks, our goals are always for participants to leave better than they arrived.

With the goal of improving individual self-awareness and team insight, NexLevel workshops develop people who make sound decisions, build strong relationships, and communicate effectively.

Team Building (that doesn't suck!)

Somewhere along the way, team building became cheesy and ineffective. We are here to challenge the status quo through meaningful team experiences. Our approach to team building combines strategically-designed play with expert facilitation, delivering accelerated results.

1. Playshops

Research shows we learn best at play; it stimulates our imagination, helps us adapt, and learn to solve problems. NexLevel Playshops are great for teams looking to get to know each other and learn to be a better team.

These highly interactive sessions are strategically designed to challenge how well your team connects, communicates & collaborates. Laughs and learnings guaranteed!

2. Retreats

Escape from technology, connect face to face, and build a stronger team. No matter what your team has experienced over the last few years, they will benefit from a unique and engaging offsite team retreat.

The perfect combination of connection, bonding, fun, and learning! NexLevel Retreats offer a transformative experience that will make your employees feel valued and return to work with renewed energy.

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