The Six Types of Working Genius
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Working Genius is the fastest and simplest way to discover your natural gifts and thrive at work.

Too many people today are unfulfilled and unsatisfied in their work. When we know ourselves better, we can curate the ideal life and when we know our team better, we can leverage our collective strengths.
The Working Genius model does just that and it is the only productivity tool of its kind that is actually applied to the process of getting work done. Unlike the many personality tests you are likely familiar with, this is a very simple and practical working style profile that helps teams work better together and helps organizations curate a workforce that is satisfied & fulfilled.
Couldn’t we all use a bit more of that these days?


Working Genius Assessment & Personal Debrief

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Personalized Summary of Your Results
Description of your Geniuses, Competencies and Frustrations
Your Unique Pairing
Applying Working Genius

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