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NexLevel is driving a movement that challenges team building, and what it can be. We build teams who connect, communicate, and collaborate. Solutions designed with the end in mind.

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Improving Teamwork by Bridging the Gaps Between People

Every leader wants their team to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Common goals – Constantly energized – Shared responsibility.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always reality.

Communication is broken – Conflict erupts – Trust is eroded. 

You have better ways to spend your time – driving your vision. We can help make this your reality.

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Challenges of Today’s Remote Workforce

Disconnected Relationships

Broken Communication

Lack of Collaboration


In today’s complex business environment, it’s tough to know where to start. You know there are issues in your team, yet it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s going on so you can make the right decisions.

We can help. We understand people and how to build a strong foundation built on trust, commitment, and accountability. We come alongside you and accelerate your team through the necessary stages of team performance; freeing your time to lead your organization to success.

We know where to start, we understand the science behind how people interact with their world and we excel in achieving long-term and lasting team success. 

“NexLevel helped us understand how to use our strengths to build a collaborative and effective team”

Leadership Team Social Programs, City of Calgary

“Sessions were set up in a great format & the opportunity for self-reflection was valuable, insightful and practical”

Customer Service Department, Cascades Calgary

“The learnings, reflections and tools have made our group more connected, inspired and effective.”

Senior Management, Operations, Calgary CO-OP

“Great content, excellent facilitators, engaging team building done right”

Learning & Development Team, Alberta Blue Cross

“This shared experience broke down barriers in our team, while building confidence & trust.”

Leadership Team, Wawanesa Calgary

“Emergenetics is the most accurate profile we have ever completed; the self-analysis is insightful and gives us a better approach to deal collaboratively and openly with others.”

Pharmacy Operations Team, Calgary CO-OP

“We got to the core of our team challenges in an experiential & active way. The process works!”

J Bokitch - Owner, Hedkandi Salons

Our Solutions

This is our most comprehensive program. It provides you with the highest return on your investment & guaranteed lasting results. This solution accelerates your team through the necessary stages of development and provides the fundamental building blocks to a high-performance team.

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This solution provides practical, usable data that will help you address your most critical issues and begin to make tangible progress right away. Knowledge is power and this is the perfect starting point for leaders looking to understand how to overcome their team obstacles and realize their potential.

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This solution helps people understand how they think, behave, and interact with their world. People with this insight are better performers, form better relationships and make stronger leaders. Improved self-awareness results in a higher level of performance.

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This high-impact experience will build a better team. Collaborative teams, statistically, are more engaged and achieve greater business success. Join us to drive connection and teamwork skills through interactive problem-solving initiatives. Looking to have fun while learning? Look no further!

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“This session helped us understand how to use our strengths to build a collaborative and effective team!”

City of Calgary

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