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It only takes a great leader, investing in the right solutions, to make it a reality. And we are here every step of the way!

“Organizational Health is the last meaningful competitive advantage."
Patrick Lencioni, author of The Advantage & Five Dysfunctions of a Team
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What do you need to do?

Solve your BIGGEST challenges?
Solve biggest problems

We can help you:

  • Achieve executive team clarity and alignment
  • Build relationships, morale, and trust
  • Leverage tools to improve awareness, productivity and efficiency
Increase YOUR business impact?

We can help you:

  • Uncover your organization’s most important priority & strategic anchors
  • Minimize politics and confusion 
  • Tap into every bit of intelligence and talent that exists in your organization


embrace today's world of work?

Improve communications

We can help you:

  • Position your business to seize opportunities emerging in the recovery
  • Attract and retain top performers
  • Ensure clear, transparent and effective corporate communications 

Organizational Health Experts since 2010

about nexlevel

Premier Organizational Health Consulting Firm

Dedicated to partnering with purpose-driven leaders committed to engaging their people and making a difference.

We work with:
  • CEO's, Presidents, SVP's, VP's & Directors
  • Leadership & Executive Teams
  • Project, Functional, Cross-Functional, Hybrid & Virtual Teams

Our team is passionate about custom-designing solutions to solve real problems, break through barriers, and overcome roadblocks to success.

If you are committed to engaging the potential in your people, we can't wait to help you access the only remaining differentiator to organizational success!

What Do We Do?

Build Healthy, Effective & Successful Organizations

By solving your problems and overcoming roadblacks with custom-designed solutions to address your immediate needs.

At NexLevel, we help you build strong cohesive teams, achieve leadership clarity, and ensure effective communication. We provide guidance on how to experience less burnout and more success.

We focus on trust, healthy conflict, commitment, and accountability. Participants achieve greater awareness and the ability to apply these insights to improve their day to day work experience.

Ultimately, we deliver outstanding, and sustainable, results.

what do we offer?

Custom Solutions

Using proven tools, frameworks, and experiences, tailored to meet your unique situation, we provide a truly rewarding experience for you to solve problems. save time, and secure results.


  • Sustainable Change
  • Tailored Modules

and Training

  • Leadership Offsite
  • Team Workshops


  • Playshops
  • Retreats


The Case for Organizational Health

Most organizations invest in being smart, but few invest in being healthy. If your company isn't healthy, it can't be smart.

A healthy organization taps into their strengths, takes advantage of opportunities, attracts & retains the best people,
manages change & uncertainty, and protects their bottom line.

Minimal Politics​

Employees are united, and decisions benefit the company as a whole.​

Minimal Confusion

Everyone has a mutual understanding of goals and how they can be achieved.​​

High Morale

Employees are satisfied with their jobs and enjoy coming to work.​​

High Productivity​

Teams are efficient and effective, allowing them to produce quality work consistently.​​

Low Turnover

Employees feel valued and empowered to stay with your company.​​

Positive Culture​

Positive attitudes and behaviours create an enjoyable work environment.​

What Our Clients Have to Say

“NexLevel helped us understand how to use our strengths to build a collaborative and effective team”
Customer Service Department,
City of Calgary
“The learnings, reflections and tools have made our group more connected, inspired and effective.”
Senior Management, Operations,
Calgary CO-OP
“Sessions were set up in a great format & the opportunity for self-reflection was valuable, insightful and practical”
Customer Service Department,
Cascades Calgary

how our clients get started

Initial call
      • Get to know each other
      • Understand your needs
      • Share tips to help right now 
      • See if we’re a fit
Create proposal
      • Provide an overview of options
      • Discuss budget & timelines
      • Determine a game plan
      • Prepare to launch


Launch program

Start program
        • Set dates & get started 
        • Tweak & adjust, as necessary
        • Enjoy the journey
        • Realize the benefits

Improve your
Self Awareness

In just 5 minutes, learn how your strengths can help you be a better leader & accelerate your organization’s success. 

NexLevel Fan Favorites

“Working with NexLevel provided us tools and techniques to elevate our leadership team; we are now more cohesive, we have a deeper appreciation for each other’s strengths and working styles. ”
CJ – HR Business Partner
“Positive team experience for our leadership development; Tara-Lee’s expert debriefs improved overall team communication and success! Also, the entire program was very engaging and fun!”
A Thomas – Owner
Konstruct Digital
“Powerful learnings and takeaways that helped our leadership team understand the dynamics of each member, bridging diversity and increasing efficiencies in the workplace”
Leadership Team
Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia