Beth Fredeen

Navigating conflict

Navigating Conflict and Hard Conversations

Conflict Navigation – How to have those Hard Conversations without being the Bad Guy I want to dive into the nitty-gritty of leadership and teamwork – specifically, how to handle those inevitable clashes within your team. Yep, we’re talking about conflict management! As a leader, handling conflict can make or break your team’s vibe and […]

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cost of employee engagement

Cost of Employee Disengagement on Productivity

The cost of employee disengagement on the productivity of any business is significant. While there continues to be a lot of buzz around disengaged employees, have you ever really thought about this issue and how it directly influences your productivity? I’m sure you have at one time or another. Today, we will discuss the cost

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overwhelmed employees

Overwhelmed Employees – how to motivate!

Introduction: Overwhelmed employees is a term we have unfortunately become all too familiar with in business today. Why do you suppose that is? Today, I want to address overwhelm. I want to share some leadership tips that might help you motivate an employee who feels overwhelmed. Or to motivate an employee who feels buried in

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What does employee disengagement look like?

Employee Disengagement – the what and the how!

Employee disengagement, have you heard of it? And wondered what it meant. Heck, what causes it? Today, let’s explore what leaders grapple with: “What causes employees to become disengaged from a job that they were likely very excited about initially?” Join me as we dive into the intricate realm of employee disengagement. The Alarming Trend

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Impactful leadership depicted by drop hitting water

Impactful Leadership

Nurturing Impactful Leadership and Resilient Workplaces in 2024  Impactful leadership, what exactly does that mean? As we approach the dawn of 2024, reflecting on the previous year’s challenges necessitates considering impactful leadership. In 2023, the economic landscape unveiled significant gaps that impacted personal finances and workplace dynamics. Stagnant salaries grappled to keep up with unprecedented

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a women showing her muscle - empowering women

Empowering Women Executives

Empowering Women Executives: The Impact of Tailored Leadership Development Programs Empowering women executives and the need for diverse and inclusive leadership is more evident now than ever. Nevertheless, in today’s changing corporate landscape, women executives continue to face unique challenges in their journey to the top. To bridge this gap and unlock their full potential,

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Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change and the Power Behind It

Illuminating Organizational Success: The Power of Behaviour Change In the dynamic landscape of modern business, behavioural transformation is the key to unlocking an organization’s potential. NexLevel, as Behaviour Change Catalysts, understands the pivotal role of changes in behaviour, starting at the top, in driving organizational success. In this blog, we delve into why this change

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Why Leadership training fails

Leadership Training and why it falls short

Why regular Leadership Training often falls short and how NexLevel’s Impact System can make a difference   Introduction Leadership training has become a cornerstone of modern organizational development, aiming to cultivate influential leaders who can drive success and growth. However, despite the substantial investments in traditional leadership training programs, their effectiveness often needs to improve.

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Behavioural Change and business impact

Business Impact and the Bottom Line

What is a Business Impact Catalyst? As Business Impact Catalysts, we exist to empower your organization to thrive within today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. Our team’s expertise revolves around creating impactful team and leadership programs. These programs are less about the content and information and more about behaviour change and sustainable results. Furthermore, at NexLevel,

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