Meetings, the Heart of Organizational Health

Meetings, the Heart of Organizational Health How often do you find your team dragging their feet to meetings? Are they reluctant to participate? Meetings are more important to organizational health than team leaders may realize.  A meeting room is where decisions are made, collaboration occurs, and problems are solved. Everything related to organizational health occurs

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Psychological Safety is Key to Success

Psychological Safety and the Importance to a Team What is psychological safety and why is it important to successful teams? One important outcome is team members who feel confident in their ability to speak up and voice their thoughts without the fear of ridicule or trouble. A team without psychological safety will play it safe,

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Virtual Team Building Improves Team Morale

Why Virtual Team Building may be the Best Thing for Your Team Right Now Virtual team building is a fairly new concept, brought forth by the Covid 19 pandemic. In addition, organizations were exploring the idea of a remote workforce even prior to 2020. However, the pandemic accelerated this shift. Remote work presents many challenges

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How to Support Your Structural Thinkers

Structural thinkers, a key component to every business. Georgia knows people don’t always like it when she asks questions. She’s not trying to be antagonistic when she does, she’s just trying to get clarity because the issue hasn’t been explored fully. It’s confusing when there’s so many missing pieces. How can you move forward

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5 Communication Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Communication isn’t always easy and it sure is frustrating when you think you’re on the same page with someone but it turns out you aren’t even reading the same book! In this blog, we cover some of the reasons you’re having that problem. Communication; you’ve had a conversation. It seems like everyone is on the

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Jencor Mortgage Improving their Communication

Effective Communication Emergenetics Workshop Letter of Testimonial Effective communication is challenging in any business. Talking is not necessarily communicating. "My business partner and I had the pleasure of attending your Emergenetics Communication Workshop. We LOVED every minute. Seated at a table with other business owners gave us the opportunity to learn about different thinking

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