How to Support Your Structural Thinkers

Structural thinkers, a key component to every business.

Georgia knows people don’t always like it when she asks questions. She’s not trying to be antagonistic when she does, she’s just trying to get clarity because the issue hasn’t been explored fully. It’s confusing when there’s so many missing pieces.

How can you move forward when you haven’t clearly outlined the steps, goals and objectives? How will you know if you’re going in the right direction when you haven’t detailed the specific milestones you need to pass along the way?

Often, when she asks her questions, people haven’t even thought about the answers, but they still don’t appreciate the fact the solutions she’s leading them to are the things that are going to make what they want to do a lot easier. Why don’t people just get that?

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Structural Thinkers, like Georgia, have a highly pragmatic approach to problem solving. They need to clearly understand the concepts in a black and white way. Ambiguity and areas of grey cause a bit of a problem for this practical thinker, who needs specific guidelines to follow to be truly effective.

A Structural Thinker is the perfect person to ensure all the procedures have been explored, and are followed, when you have a new initiative rolling out. Their attention to detail and neat orderly way of approaching the situation, will ensure a smooth flow and avoid the bottleneck problems that come when a plan hasn’t been fully laid out.

Supporting the talent of Structural Thinking

If you want them to be at their best:

Be sure to provide them an agenda before a meeting

Speak deliberately and in complete sentences to make it easier to follow

Give them the details they need to make sense of the project

Ensure the steps are laid out fully and sequentially

Allow them to think through each of the steps without being rushed

Give them the ability to learn by doing

Provide them with implementation, action and execution plans

This kind of consideration for their structural mind will create an environment where they can truly flourish. This will in turn greatly improve your productivity because of the systems and procedures they will implement. As a result, you will end up with a workplace designed to flow in a very orderly way.

Structural Thinkers are just one of the four Emergenetics profiles represented on your team. Learning how to support each one will improve your efficiency and profitability, while boosting the engagement level of your team members. You just can’t find a win/win like that anywhere else!

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