Virtual Team Building Improves Team Morale

Why Virtual Team Building may be the Best Thing for Your Team Right Now

Virtual team building is a fairly new concept, brought forth by the Covid 19 pandemic.

In addition, organizations were exploring the idea of a remote workforce even prior to 2020. However, the pandemic accelerated this shift. Remote work presents many challenges but many businesses have adapted and are leveraging the benefits.

Above all, keeping teams connected is the key to success, both for individual well-being and team productivity. Many leaders have created connections on a social level through game hours. In addition happy hours, and regular team meetings. Yet, this is just the starting point. There is much that can be done virtually to intentionally build relationships and collaboration. Regular virtual team-building workshops will take your team to the next level.

Here’s How Virtual Team-Building Workshops Help Team Performance:

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Improve Communication in a Remote Environment

Firstly, many people have started to feel distant, isolated, and lonely, as most teams are now working remotely, There are no lunch breaks, water-cooler talks, or dinners after work to socialize. This remote lifestyle builds unintentional barriers between people. Therefore, communication has been negatively impacted.

Group activities bring everyone together and help fight this work-related stress. These exercises create fun & healthy communication channels for a team to come together to laugh and learn.

For instance, such practices include problem-solving initiatives where team members have the chance to use their strengths to solve fun & unique challenges. Reflecting on the experience allows individuals to debrief how they communicated and how they can improve their day-to-day communication.

Encourage Employee Engagement

Secondly, facilitated team-building programs help improve a team’s overall engagement. Introducing more fun into your work environment increases job satisfaction. It helps team members find a balance between making work exciting and delivering quality work, on time. Happy employees are creative & engaged employees.

Virtual team building workshops inspire unique and fun ways to connect online, including:

  • Sharing memes with memos
  • Having group chats and channels in lieu of water-cooler talks
  • Online lunchrooms with colleagues

The truth is, when times are tough, it is easy to focus only on the work that has to be done. A small investment in helping your team have fun at work will go a long way to ensuring they are engaged in their work. A happy team is a healthy team. Virtual team-building workshops offer inspiration & guidance towards a remote culture where your employees thrive.

Virtual Team Building Improves Team Morale

Team exercises help employees learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and better understand others. This heightened confidence and stronger relationships improve morale. Improved awareness is an important first step to a stronger team.

Fun challenges allow individuals to understand how to achieve their goals by leveraging their team. For example, group activities, like puzzles, bring small groups of people together to collaborate and cooperate. Team members are empowered to create strategies, make decisions, and solve problems. As a result, they become more engaged when they witness their capabilities as a team.

Virtual Sessions can build a Team’s Work-life Balance

Further, virtual team-building can act as an escape for professionals who put 100% effort into their work. Burnout is inevitable without a break, despite their commitment and dedication, all team members need a healthy balance between their personal and work life. The remote work environment makes this line blurry and as a leader, you play a big part in helping them achieve the balance they require.

Regular team-building sessions can be just what these individuals need. Create a space for them to breathe, laugh, and play. For instance, this can be especially helpful for team members looking to advance their careers. Give them permission to shift gears and tap into different parts of their brain.  Design your sessions intentionally for fun and learning.  You will be impressed with the outcomes.

By making such workshops a trend in your organization, you’re subtly encouraging your team members to be conscious of their work-life balance. Be the leader your team needs by helping them reconnect with themselves and others.

Induce Positive Reinforcement within the Team

Virtual team sessions provide opportunities for team members to exchange feedback and positively reinforce each other. For example, all team members want to hear they are doing a good job, even though different people look for acknowledgment in different ways. After that, take the chance during these sessions, to motivate, appreciate, and highlight the efforts of your team.

The topics to address are endless once you open the lines of communication. Consider the following:

  • Highlight positive aspects of team members.
  • Identify areas of opportunity & growth in the team.
  • Congratulate the team on wins & successes.
  • Put forth fun & creative ideas to help the organization grow.
  • Finally, ask for insight on important topics. For instance, “if you could improve one thing about our company, what would it be?”

Team Building Workshops Improve Productivity

Lastly, any time you intentionally bring your team together to build awareness, relationships & collaboration, higher productivity will result.

  1. Self-aware individuals are more productive.
  2. Team members with stronger relationships will communicate better.
  3. Teams with a toolkit of collaboration skills will do their best work and achieve organizational goals.

We were forced into a remote environment quickly. Therefore, we have been managing an extreme amount of change. Most leaders and organizations have done their best to ensure employees are staying connected.

Lastly, now is the time to take a serious look at whether you are doing enough. In other words, the solution may be easier than you think, even though the statistics around employee engagement and well-being may be disheartening. The world of virtual team-building has transformed and partnering with an experienced professional will provide you with team-building done right!

At NexLevel, we specialize in uncovering new ways teams can collaborate virtually and use experiences to build relationships. As your teamwork secret weapon, we are here to help leaders and organizations stay at the top of their game.

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