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Psychological Safety is Key to Success

Psychological Safety and the Importance to a Team What is psychological safety and why is it important to successful teams? One important outcome is team members who feel confident in their ability to speak up and voice their thoughts without the fear of ridicule or trouble. A team without psychological safety will play it safe,

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The Impact of Stress on our Brain and Performance

The Impact of Stress on our Brain and Performance The impact of stress is something everyone has experienced in their life at one time or another. Whether you were working endlessly to meet a deadline, studying for a difficult exam, or dealing with the pressures of daily life.  In this blog, we share how the

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Virtual Team Building Improves Team Morale

Why Virtual Team Building may be the Best Thing for Your Team Right Now Virtual team building is a fairly new concept, brought forth by the Covid 19 pandemic. In addition, organizations were exploring the idea of a remote workforce even prior to 2020. However, the pandemic accelerated this shift. Remote work presents many challenges

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6 Leadership Tips for Effective Team Collaboration

Six Tips for Leaders to Create Effective Team Collaboration   Team collaboration, or more importantly, EFFECTIVE team collaboration,  is one of the most crucial components of long-term business success.  When a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic hits, it is imperative for companies to collaborate more than ever in order to solve changing, complex problems that

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Leadership Training – the 5 Stages of a Team

Leadership Training Tips to Leverage the 5 Stages of Team Development Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing (and Adjourning) Leadership training is crucial for every business and every leader. A strong foundation of which will drive your team to success. Leadership training basics focus around establishing your purpose as a leader. In order to reach your goals

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5 Ways You Can Adapt To Win

5 Ways You Can Adapt To Win The concept of  '5 ways to adapt to win' is important, in that, if there's anything we’ve learned from the pandemic, it's that you need to be prepared for unexpected market changes. Businesses, organizations, and companies worldwide have suffered massively because they weren't ready for this drastic change

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How to Support Your Structural Thinkers

Structural thinkers, a key component to every business. Georgia knows people don’t always like it when she asks questions. She’s not trying to be antagonistic when she does, she’s just trying to get clarity because the issue hasn’t been explored fully. It’s confusing when there’s so many missing pieces. How can you move forward

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Embracing Mistakes Drives Success at Konstruct

Leadership Conversation with Amanda Thomas, Konstruct Digital “For me, it really comes down to seeing the good in people”  A.Thomas, Konstruct Digital   NexLevel Challenge believes in building teams that work. Behind every great team is a great leader. We launched Leadership Conversations to chat with leaders who inspire us and share their stories

Employee Satisfaction vs Employee Engagement

Is there a difference? Employee satisfaction and employee engagement, while they are related concepts, are regularly confused. These terms are used and measured interchangeably. Employee satisfaction is ultimately how happy and satisfied your employees are. It’s about the employee looking to the organization and asking, “What can you do for me?” Employee engagement is

Excessive Employee Sick Days. There Might be an Underlying Issue.

Sick leave is a hard cost many companies choose to absorb, but if you’re noticing the amount of absenteeism getting higher, there is a cause for concern. Take a look at what might be causing excessive employee sick days. Is there an underlying issue? Everyone feels under the weather at some point, but if you’re

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