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5 Ways You Can Adapt To Win

5 Ways You Can Adapt To Win The concept of  '5 ways to adapt to win' is important, in that, if there's anything we’ve learned from the pandemic, it's that you need to be prepared for unexpected market changes. Businesses, organizations, and companies worldwide have suffered massively because they weren't ready for this drastic change

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How to Support Your Structural Thinkers

Structural thinkers, a key component to every business. Georgia knows people don’t always like it when she asks questions. She’s not trying to be antagonistic when she does, she’s just trying to get clarity because the issue hasn’t been explored fully. It’s confusing when there’s so many missing pieces. How can you move forward

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Embracing Mistakes Drives Success at Konstruct

Leadership Conversation with Amanda Thomas, Konstruct Digital “For me, it really comes down to seeing the good in people”  A.Thomas, Konstruct Digital   NexLevel Challenge believes in building teams that work. Behind every great team is a great leader. We launched Leadership Conversations to chat with leaders who inspire us and share their stories

Employee Satisfaction vs Employee Engagement

Is there a difference? Employee satisfaction and employee engagement, while they are related concepts, are regularly confused. These terms are used and measured interchangeably. Employee satisfaction is ultimately how happy and satisfied your employees are. It’s about the employee looking to the organization and asking, “What can you do for me?” Employee engagement is

Excessive Employee Sick Days. There Might be an Underlying Issue.

Sick leave is a hard cost many companies choose to absorb, but if you’re noticing the amount of absenteeism getting higher, there is a cause for concern. Take a look at what might be causing excessive employee sick days. Is there an underlying issue? Everyone feels under the weather at some point, but if you’re

5 Reasons Why Your Employees Will Leave You

The cost of turnover is a big expense to a company. It isn’t always easy to pin down the cause of the issue, which is why we’re giving you 5 reasons why your employees leave you in this blog. Read more…. As every business knows, the cost of turnover can take up a significant amount

Difficult Personalities – is it them or is it you?

Difficult Personalities, we experience them every day. Do you have those people in your life that just push your buttons? They’re difficult to deal with but wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to make it better? The answer is inside this blog. Difficult personalities; we all have “those people” in our lives.

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5 Communication Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Communication isn’t always easy and it sure is frustrating when you think you’re on the same page with someone but it turns out you aren’t even reading the same book! In this blog, we cover some of the reasons you’re having that problem. Communication; you’ve had a conversation. It seems like everyone is on the

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Team Training in an Economic Downturn

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.” ~ Winston Churchill       Don’t Ignore Team Training in Tough Times Team training is a key component for company survival in tough times and these are definitely interesting times. Businesses face many challenges in an economic downturn; one

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