Impactful leadership

an overwhelmed employee buried in paper

Overwhelmed Employees – how to motivate! Introduction: Overwhelmed employees is a term we have unfortunately become all too familiar with in business today. Why do you suppose that is? Today, I want to address overwhelm. I want to share some leadership tips that might help you motivate an employee who feels overwhelmed. Or to motivate an employee who feels buried […]

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Impactful leadership depicted by drop hitting water

Impactful Leadership

Nurturing Impactful Leadership and Resilient Workplaces in 2024  Impactful leadership, what exactly does that mean? As we approach the dawn of 2024, reflecting on the previous year’s challenges necessitates considering impactful leadership. In 2023, the economic landscape unveiled significant gaps that impacted personal finances and workplace dynamics. Stagnant salaries grappled to keep up with unprecedented

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