Canada Alberta Job Grant – Free Dollars For Training

The Canada Alberta Job Grant provides an Opportunity for Team Excellence Training 

The Canada Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program where employers and the government of Canada share the cost of training new and existing employees to increase their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of Alberta’s changing economy.

Employee training and development is an essential cornerstone to moving your business forward and achieving your corporate goals in the coming years.  In Canada, it is an extremely important function of the economy to support employers for training and the Alberta job grant does just that. 

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This blog will outline a unique opportunity, available right now, for businesses to increase the skills of their employees and their teams; employee success determines business success.

The Government of Canada has made a grant available that reimburses 2/3rd’s of employee training costs, up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee per year.  

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

The Canada Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program where employers are required to use a third-party training provider, such as NexLevel, to deliver formal training to new or existing employees. The Canada Job Grant is part of the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta’s commitment to help address skills mismatches and to ensure employees are being trained in the skills required to ensure business success.

How does the Canada-Alberta Job Grant work?

The Canada Alberta Job Grant offers funding to be applied towards the cost of training to ensure companies remain competitive in the current economic climate, by building the skills of their employees. Employers know business success is tied to how well employees do their jobs. 

The total cost of the training will be shared by the employer and the Government of Canada with grant amounts up to two-thirds of the cost of training (up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee per year) Employers will be required to contribute the remaining one-third of the training costs.

Training FAQ’s

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Individual employers and organizations in private and not-for-profit sector industries of all sizes across the province are eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. 
  • Alberta employers must have current or potential employees who need the training to increase skills & competencies.

What training is eligible?

  • The Alberta job grant is for any training that will help your business train new and existing employees with job-related skills.
  • Training must be:
    • 21 hours and over in length
    • Delivered by a third-party trainer
    • Does not replace prior training investments
    • Completed within 52 weeks of the program start date
    • Results in some sort of credential (record of completion, certificate, grade, etc.)

How much do employers contribute to the cost of training?

  • Eligible employers are required to contribute one-third of the total training costs. 
  • The government of Canada contributes two-thirds of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee per year.
  • To help ensure Alberta employers have equitable access to the program, individual employers are capped at $300,000 per year in grant funding.

How long is your training program?

  • Our team excellence training programs are custom-designed for each client. 
  • We use a combination of half & full day on-site or off-site workshops and experiential programs that will be a minimum of 21 hours over the course of one year. 

How does applying for the Canada Alberta Job Grant work? Is there an Application?

Our Alberta Job Grant Coordinator will assist you through the three steps of the application process:

  1. Employers complete and submit the Alberta Job Grant Application Form online. Once approval is granted by the Government of Alberta, the employer registers and pays the training provider for the training.
  2. Upon training completion, a CAJG Training Completion Form will be submitted online to the Government of Alberta and the two-third’s of training costs will be reimbursed. The remaining one-third of training costs is the employer share.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes, you can apply more than once. However, the total grant available per employee for the program is limited to $10,000 per employee per year.

For full details:  

Check out the Government site

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