Self-Awareness 101
Introduction to Emergenetics

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Past Participants have shared that this experience helped them:

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you always miss details, why one particular colleague is hard to work with, or why certain work always seems to land at the bottom of your to-do list? 

Research proves two things:
1 – The most successful professionals are those with a deep understanding of themselves
2 – 85% of people are NOT self-aware and don’t understand their natural gifts and tendencies.

This creates an interesting dilemma, that’s easier to fix than you might think!

This engaging online experience explores how your brain is wired for thinking & behaving. Unlocking this insight is vital to stepping into your gifts and achieving your best work! The reputable & practical Emergenetics Profile measures 4 ways of thinking and 3 key behaviors and forms the basis of how you interact with the world around you. 


upcoming sessions: 

THURSDAY, April 20th @ 9:00-12:00 PM

Fee $299, includes a personalized profile, eLearning & online workshop
Presented in conjunction with Chinook Learning Services, Professional Development with the Calgary Board of Education. 

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Have you ever found yourself wondering why you always seem to miss the details, or why your communication always breaks down with a particular  team member? Why is one part of your job so engaging yet you can’t seem to apply the same energy to other tasks?

Research shows that most people don’t understand the diversity in how people think and behave and how those differences show up in our lives. Instead of leveraging individual strengths, gaps between people causes frustration, poor communication, eroded trust, and performance issues.

Get Real Life, Applicable Insights

At NexLevel, we believe that knowledge is power and when people better understand themselves and others, then teamwork just works! Emergenetics provides the blueprint to improved trust, communication, problem solving, decision making, accountability, collaboration, and more.

In order to provide the support your team is looking for, you must start with yourself. 

"Emergenetics is the most accurate profile we have ever completed; the self-analysis is insightful and gives us a better approach to deal collaboratively and openly with others"
Pharmacy Operations Team - Calgary CO-OP