Top 5 Leadership Traits for Success

I recently heard a panel of business professionals speak on the topic of Leadership. I took lots of notes and am happy to share a few of their Leadership Traits for Success:

  1. Be a strong & respected coach – Make yourself available and open to your team. Help them understand why they joined the team; connecting to this deeper why will drive a deeper sense of purpose. Understand your team members as individuals and how to motivate and coach each of them in their own way.
  2. Work beside your team – It is important to know when to step up as a leader and when to step back. Allow space for your team to shine and demonstrate their strengths. Being a leader doesn’t mean it’s all about you. Sometimes, being a regular ‘ole member of the team is one of the most valuable leadership traits you can exhibit.
  3. Personal accountability – Accountability can be a leadership game changer. It is vital you walk your talk and do what you say you will do. If there are actions & behaviours you expect from your team, you must demonstrate them yourself. Lead by example and be responsible for your actions. The credibility you will develop with your team will be astounding.
  4. Be honest, authentic & vulnerable – Demonstrate to your team that you are just another human being with feelings, fears and weaknesses. Vulnerability is a sign of courage and strength – it’s ok to fall down sometimes. Be willing to accept help and support from others and you won’t believe the length your team will go to help you.
  5. Stay calm – Especially under pressure, it is important to stay focused and avoid getting caught up in emotions and drama. Take a step back to change your perspective and bring new ideas to your team. Experiencing failure & adversity creates stronger teams. Stay focused on your core values and purpose in order to effectively lead your team through the storm.

Through the lens of Emergenetics, I am respectful of the differences in how people think & behave. It is these differences that bring diversity and strength into well performing teams. Keep this in mind and honour how leaders will demonstrate each trait in their own unique way.

When this panel was asked what leadership quality is most important in building an effective team, their top three responses were:

  1. Honesty & Accountability
  2. Drive & Determination
  3. Empowering your Team

What do you think? I would love to hear from you – comment below!

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