How to deal with Workplace Burnout

Workplace Burnout and how to deal with it

We’ve all dealt with workplace burnout. It has been especially hard over the past year with many people working from home. How do you set limits for yourself to stop working? In this blog post we will be sharing a few of the main causes of burn-out and ways to prevent it.

What exactly is workplace burnout?

Workplace burnout can be defined as the extinction of motivation. When one’s devotion to their cause or work does not produce the desired results. When you feel as though you’re less capable at work or begin to feel exhausted, you are beginning to feel early symptoms of burnout.

Although it is not a diagnosable disorder, it should still be taken seriously. Did you know burnout shares similar symptoms to mental conditions such as depression? Common signs include exhaustion, lack of energy to complete tasks, reduced performance, and head or stomach aches.

It is important to recognize the symptoms to help not only yourself but provide support to others who might need it as well.

How do you know when you’re burnt out? Each cause is a bit different and can be painful in different ways. We’ve provided a few examples here but there are also many other causes of why someone might feel burnt out.

Making your work part of your identity

Some people catapult themselves into burnout by defining their worth based on the work they do. Work is where they feel valued and capable. They take on as much work as they can but complain that they work so hard. This will often be found in workers in high positions. It can be hard for these people to separate themselves from their work at the end of the day.

A way to escape workplace burnout

Have you ever dove into your work to avoid thinking about other conflicts or issues going on? Work becomes a distraction in their life. They might work longer hours to avoid their home life or avoid the stillness and drift into a spiral of overthinking. This type of employee often dreads weekends or holidays as it interrupts their productive routine.

Can’t say no

The instant gratitude one receives after saying yes to a task fuels some people. They are afraid to disappoint others. This goes hand in hand with someone who has the mentality they need to help. This type of person doesn’t understand it can be beneficial to say no sometimes. The immediate reward of gratitude is often met with an overwhelming feeling of burn-out.

Lack of support

According to studies, if you feel supported by your team and managers, workers are less likely to feel burnt out. Poor management and lack of leadership cause employees to disconnect and get frustrated with their workload. Some days can be more difficult than others. This is when common stress symptoms can set in and begin to affect employees mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

How do we avoid it?

When you know and understand the signs and factors that might be causing burn out. It will be easier to cope and avoid it all together. There are many different strategies to deal with workplace burnout as one solution does not work for everyone. By practicing these techniques, you’ll improve your workplace performance, improve your health, and feel better overall. We’ve put together a list of a few common practices to do when you feel the early symptoms of burnout.

Unplug will help reduce workplace burnout

Have you ever been enjoying a holiday or weekend and end up checking your work email? Then you’re sent into a spiral of wanting to get things done and panic about returning to work.

Set boundaries for yourself and make sure you unplug. Set time limits on apps, set your phone to do not disturb mode, and resist the urge to respond to emails. It is important to set healthy boundaries in the workplace. It is unrealistic to be expected to respond to an email after hours.

Take breaks

Staring at a screen for the majority of the day can be draining enough but add those burnout symptoms in and it can feel even worse. Take breaks away from your desk or dedicated workspace. Try eating lunch away from your desk, get outside for a bit, walk around. It is important to take breaks when we feel like we’ve hit a wall. This gives your mind time to recharge and refocus.

Move your body

Relieve built up stress by getting a workout in. It could be a bike ride, weight lifting, a yoga class, or however else you release your endorphins. Workouts are an amazing way to forget about day-to-day struggles and recharge. You’ll be able to focus better as well. Whether you enjoy a workout in the morning before work or after the day is done, this is a great way to avoid burnout.

Find a hobby

Give yourself something to look forward to on weekends or after hours. Fully immerse yourself in a hobby. Hobbies can provide a therapeutic release, it’s a great way to get into a new environment, and it’s a great way to put yourself out there and meet new people.

Get a good night sleep

When you don’t get restful sleep, your brain does not function the way it would when it’s at it’s prime. Getting proper sleep is crucial to your health. Ensure your room is dark and at a cool temperature. Avoid staring at screens for at least an hour before bed. Get into the habit of a nighttime routine and don’t stray away from it. Of course, getting to bed at a decent hour is key too.

Burnout does not need to get to the point where your personal and work life are taking a beating. Check in with yourself and pay attention to where you are emotionally. Treat yourself with kindness and respect. Give yourself some grace and if you feel burnout creeping up on you, remember to take the steps to avoid it and get yourself back to a comfortable spot. Commit to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

What are some ways you deal with burnout in the workplace? How do you overcome it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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