A leader’s guide to improving employee retention

Turning Employee Resignation into Employee Retention During the pandemic and while working from home, employees had lots of time to think. But what you might not realize, is the considerable number of people thinking about moving on to another position somewhere else. As a leader it is going to be key for you to consider

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Excessive Employee Sick Days. There Might be an Underlying Issue.

Sick leave is a hard cost many companies choose to absorb, but if you’re noticing the amount of absenteeism getting higher, there is a cause for concern. Take a look at what might be causing excessive employee sick days. Is there an underlying issue? Everyone feels under the weather at some point, but if you’re

5 Reasons Why Your Employees Will Leave You

The cost of turnover is a big expense to a company. It isn’t always easy to pin down the cause of the issue, which is why we’re giving you 5 reasons why your employees leave you in this blog. Read more…. As every business knows, the cost of turnover can take up a significant amount

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